Dr. Teeya Scholten

Dr. Teeya Scholten


Are you a parent, partner, individual, or mental health professional who is concerned about

  • a child who can't focus at school?
  • a teen who feels alone and depressed?
  • an adult who can't excel at their job?
  • your own struggles with achieving to your potential or having satisfying relationships?
  • the lack of peace and joy in your life?

Our vision is to become the first choice for anyone faced with these types of challenges. We have developed a unique, cost-effective, balanced, positive, and integrative approach to wellness and ADHD, in particular. It has proven to be effective and empowering. From the Journey Circle below, you can see that we look at the "whole" person and help you to understand yourself and what is needed to be the "best you can be as naturally as possible".

We invite you to watch only the first 5 minutes of our 15 min. video. It will give you a good idea of what our approach includes.

If this approach makes sense, please find a friend to accompany you on your Self-Managed Journey. If you require assistance at any point during the process, we're here to help. (Let's Chat!)

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